Some Recently Completed Sites

Vandewalle and Associates - RedesignCheck out our portfolio for some of our recently completed websites – both urban design firms – Vandewalle and Associates – a complete redesign of an existing website utilizing WordPress, and MDRoffers Consulting, a firm specializing both in urban design and financial consulting for communities – also using WordPress as the design base.

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Recently Completed Websites

Studio GlassWorks, Inc.Check out our portfolio for some of our recently completed websites – examples include WordPress sites for a surveying firm, a glass supplier and an acupuncture clinic.

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Considering WordPress?

WordPress LogoAre you having trouble deciding if WordPress will be the right solution for your next amazing site, or do you have a boss or client who’s refusing to accept WordPress as a viable platform? Sara Rosso gave a great intro to the WordPress Ecosystem at this year’s WordCamp San Francisco. She covers some of the heavy-hitters using WordPress, how big of an audience some of them are reaching, and why they decided to make the switch (if they did move from another platform), as well as how the overall community works.

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Why Google Plus is About to Change the Web

Google+From Jason Hiner at the TechRepublic - This is the way Google always wanted social networking to work, and this time the company may have pulled it off.  Google’s previous social attempts have been unmitigated train wrecks, if we’re being completely honest. Open Social failed because Google couldn’t get Facebook and other social networks to buy into the idea of a shared social identity. Google Wave missed the target by not being useful enough to attract any users. Google Buzz freaked people out by naively overstepping its bounds on privacy.

So when Google unveiled its latest social experiment last week — called Google+ — I was extremely skeptical. Still, Facebook is so malignant in terms of privacy and such a mess to use and configure, that I was more than happy to give Google+ a try. I just expected it that it would be a speed-dating relationship like most of my product reviews and destined to last no more than a few weeks at the most.

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New Client – Studio GlassWorks, LLC

Studio GlassWorks, LLCHansen Web Design is proud to announce our latest client – Studio GlassWorks, LLC of Madison, WI.  Studio GlassWorks designs and builds custom architectural decorative glass for residential, commercial and religious clients.

We’ll be designing and coding a custom WordPress website for them with a special set of plugins for site management, search engine optimization, and security; and we’ll also be setting up a series of specialized galleries for them to show off their products – they have a LOT of products and beautiful photos!

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