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New Client – Studio GlassWorks, LLC

Studio GlassWorks, LLCHansen Web Design is proud to announce our latest client – Studio GlassWorks, LLC of Madison, WI.  Studio GlassWorks designs and builds custom architectural decorative glass for residential, commercial and religious clients.

We’ll be designing and coding a custom WordPress website for them with a special set of plugins for site management, search engine optimization, and security; and we’ll also be setting up a series of specialized galleries for them to show off their products – they have a LOT of products and beautiful photos!

New Client – Northern Capital Management

Northern Capital ManagementHansen Web Design is happy to announce our most recent client – Northern Capital Management of Madison, Wisconsin.  Northern Capital Management is a locally owned investment advising firm serving Madison’s individual and institutional investors since 1979.  They are having us redesign their site utilizing the latest cascading style sheet technology for cross-browser compatibility and fast loading.  We will also be working with them to perform focused search engine optimization for their target investors.

New Client – Prairie Metallurgical Products & Prairie Industrial Products

Prairie Metallurgical ProductsWe are happy to announce our latest client, Prairie Metallurgical Products and Prairie Industrial Products.  While these are two separate companies, they have the same owner.

We will be developing WordPress sites for both of these companies in order to target their customer base with specific search engine optimization (SEO) while at the same time allowing the client full flexibility in the management of these two websites.

New Client – Southwest Surveying & Associates

Hansen Web Design is proud to announce the addition of our newest client, Southwest Surveying and Associates, of Palmyra, Wisconsin.  Southwest Surveying & Associates, Inc. is a land surveying firm providing services to Dodge, Jefferson, Waukesha, Walworth and Rock counties.  We will be designing a new WordPress platform site for them to highlight their services and concentrate on search engine optimization.

New Client – Law Office of Joshua Harmon

Scales of JusticeHansen Web Design is once again happy to announce a new client – in this case a barrister from Las Vegas – Mr. Joshua Harmon.  Hansen Web Design will be designing a new, 20-page website for Mr. Harmon to befit his practice, and we’re looking forward to setting Mr. Harmon up with not simply a great looking site, but one that is functional and will do well in the search engines.  Hansen Web  Design includes search engine optimization (SEO) in every one of our new designs as we want to see our clients be successful right away with their new websites!  This means that at a minimum we take a look at the content for marketing and SEO purposes, we install Google Analytics, we optimize the meta tag content (titles, descriptions, keywords), and we submit the site to the major search engines (Google, Bing, etc.).  Mr. Harmon’s site will also be designed with CSS (cascading style sheets) so that it will be cross-browser compatible, clean, and fast loading.

New Client – DW’s Custom Jewelry

DW's Custom JewelryWe’re proud to announce our latest client, Dwayne of DW’s Custom Jewelry here in Madison.  Dwayne came to us with a request for some search engine optimization services (SEO) and we were able to help him out even though his shopping cart software proved to be the limiting factor with respect to a number of items.  Nonetheless, we were able to install Google Analytics, set up automated Google Site Map submittals, revise and enhance the meta tags based on actual searches that his customers had been performing and finally set up some automated marketing reporting for him along with some recommendations for further enhancements.

If you are not within the first three pages when performing a Google search, contact us and let us see how we can help you improve your ranking!

New Client – Sauk Creek Alpacas

Sauk Creek AlpacasHansen Web Design is proud to announce our latest client – Lynne of Sauk Creek Alpacas out of Oregon Wisconsin.  We will be designing a new site from scratch for Lynne utilizing WordPress so that Lynne will be able to maintain the site in the future on her own.

WordPress offers a ton of functionality and acts as a mini-content management system (CMS) in this case.  We will also be embedding the code for her sales site so that it is incorporated directly into her new site – allowing visitors to have everything available to them from one location.

Planning Your Web Site – Preparing a Site Plan

Site Map for Site PlanWhether you’re setting up your first business website or redesigning an existing site, a site plan will help you create a website that meets your needs and the needs of your customers. By taking the time at the beginning to draft a site plan, you can avoid mistakes while at the same time making sure you have the content needed to get your site started properly.

What should a site plan include?

At a minimum:

  • Purpose
    What is the purpose of your website? How is it going to fulfill that purpose better than any other site on the Internet?
  • Goals
    Targeted goals can help you take a poor or mediocre site and make it great. Once you know and outline the goals of your site, you can plan around them.
  • Customers
    Who are you targeting with your website? Try to be as specific as you can regarding your target audience. Include details like: age, hobbies, income, job title(s), and so on. You might envision different people coming to different parts of your site, which is OK.  If your site is already live, you should include data on the audience that you currently have.
  • Content
    What will be on the site? Will the content be changed regularly? Will you focus on selling products with product pages or on providing information through articles? Is your content going to be mostly text or images or multimedia? Do you have the content already created or do you still need to obtain it and organize it?
  • Design
    What colors and layout will you use? Remember that different demographics have different preferences. As an example, if you’re planning a website for cutting edge designers, it will have a different look than one designed for stay-at-home moms. In addition to colors and layout, you need to consider things like graphic elements, fonts, and typography. The more you plan ahead of time, the easier the design phase will be.
  • Timeline
    Once you have the rest of the pieces of the plan together, you should decide on a schedule. Don’t forget to include time for testing, revision, and user feedback.

Write Down Your Plan

Always incorporate extra time – nothing ever goes exactly as planned!  Allow for brainstorming sessions, and allow extra time for user-feedback.  While feedback is important, remember too that too many cooks in the kitchen will quickly ruin a meal – in other words, be careful and selective about using feedback and stick to YOUR ideals and goals.

Once you have everything in place, you can seek out a web designer knowing that you have done your homework up front – the site coding will go much smoother for you and your designer from there!