Cornelia is a 1953 R-112 Series pickup set up with the following options:




"Restoring Cornelia"

The website is finally showing her age. I started this site in 2009, and the blogging software has given up the ghost (decided to stop working for the most part).

I COULD update the software, but I've decided the overall site is limited. The site needs have outgrown the support structure that I originally designed and anticipated. For example, I get a number of emails on a weekly basis, and I feel that my responses would help others if I could find a way to share the questions and the responses. So going forward, we'll incorporate the methodology to do just that.

Look for a new site in the coming weeks, titled the same of course, but much, much more interactive elements. I'll still have a blog, but I'll have a much better gallery where you can show off YOUR truck projects too, and I'll find a way where we can ask and respond to questions without inviting spammers. WordPress will be the backbone, so we can add or delete elements at will.

I appreciate everyone's support, and ask yout to hang in there during the difficult transition time ahead.


September 5, 2015