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Cornelia is a 1953 R-112 Series pickup set up with the following options:



Cornelia's Line Setting Ticket - click on the ticket to view a full size PDF (153 k):

Line Setting Ticket

Truck Facts

On this page you will not only find the detailed specifications for the R-Series line, but information on the Silver Diamond engine and several other features of the pickups as well. Check the right margin for additional links from time to time as we will continue adding information and features as we come across it. If you have anything that you feel could be added, please contact us.

Cornelia's Specifics:

Truck Model - 1953 R-112 Series 3/4 Ton Pickup
Chassis Serial Number - 6112
Engine Serial Number - 2-06290 (Silver Diamond 220)
Data Plate Serial Number - 206298
Transmission Serial Number - T98-1A / WG-DIV / N5 / 8-19

Specifications for R-Series Pickups

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating - R-110 - 4,200 lb. / R-111 - 4,800 lb. / R-112 - 5,400 lb.

Nominal Gross Carrying Capacity (body, equipment and payload) - R-110 - 1,600 lb. / R-111 - 2,200 lb. / R-112 - 2,800 lb.

Specifications Diagram

Chassis Dimensions (in inches), Weights (in pounds) (115" WB / 127" WB)

The following dimensions (with 6.00-16 tires) are the same for all wheelbases:

Frame: Pressed steel channel, 115 in. WB - 6 x 2-1/4 x 1/8 in.; 127 in.
WB - 6-1/22 x 2 17/64 x 9/64 in.

Body DimensionsEngine: International Silver Diamond 220, six-cylinder, valve-in-head type; 3-9/16-in. bore, 3-11/16-in. stroke - Displacement, 220.50 cu. in.; compression ratio, 6.5; A.M.A. rating, 30.4 hp.; maximum brake hp., 100 at 3600, net 90 at 3600 r.p.m. Maximum torque, 173.5 lb.-ft. at 2000 r.p.m., net 167 lb.-ft. at 1200 r.p.m. Four steel-backed, replaceable-shell, precision-type main bearings; total projected area, 17.01 sq. in. Six replaceable-shell, precision-type connecting-rod bearings. Exhaust-valve seat inserts.

Lubrication: Full-pressure feed to all main, connecting-rod-and-piston-pin bearings, camshaft and timing gears. Gear-type, gear-driven oil pump. Oil capacity, 7 qt.

Cooling System: Centrifugal pump circulation, fin-and-tube radiator. Pump drive by V-type fan belt. Capacity, 16-1/2 qt.

Ignition: 6-volt, vacuum control, full-automatic distributor.

Generator: 6-volt, 35-ampere, shunt-wound, belt-driven.

Lights: Sealed-beam headlights.

Battery: 6-volt, 15-plate.

Starting Motor: 6-volt.

Carburetor: Downdraft type. Oil-bath-type air cleaner.

Shock AbsorberFuel System: Mechanical fuel pump driven from camshaft. 15-gal. tank. Gasoline filter.

Clutch: 10-in., single-plate, with vibration damper.

Transmission: Three speeds forward, one reverse; synchromesh, mounted in unit with engine, gear shift lever on steering post.

Transmission Reductions: First, 3.053 to 1; second, 1.481 to 1; third, 1 to 1; reverse, 3.707 to 1.

Propeller Shaft: Large-diameter, heavy-steel tubing.

Universal Joints: All-metal, roller-bearing, antifriction type.

Front Axle: Drop-center, I-beam, heat-treated steel drop-forging. Steering knuckles of drop-forged, heat-treated, chrome-molybdenum steel.

BrakesRear Axle: Semifloating, hypioid type. Hotchkiss-type final drive. Chrome-molybdenum steel axle shafts. One-piece, tubular banjo-type pressed-steel housing. Differential and wheel bearings are tapered rollers. Pinion, straddle-mounted on roller bearings.

Axle Reductions: 3.73 to 1 or 4.1 to 1.

Steering Gear: Cam-and-twin-lever type.

Brakes: Service: 4-wheel, hydraulic, internal-expanding, two-shoe single-anchor type. Hand: on propeller shaft.

Springs: Front and rear, semielliptic. Front, 42 x 1-3/4 in., rear, 52 x 1-3/4 in.

SpringsWheels: Disc type.

Standard Tires: 6.00-16, 6-ply P.C.-all models.

Controls: Throttle, light, and choke controls on instrument panel. Accelerator, clutch and service brakes operated by pedals. Emergency brake lever-operated.

Standard Equipment: Flat-back cowl and dash; sealed-beam headlights; combination tail and stop lights; air cleaner; front and rear shock absorbers; jack and handle; and spare tire.

Special Equipment: The following will be available at extra cost when specified on order: regular cab; optional tires, 6-volt, 40-ampere, low-speed generator; heavy-duty 3-speed and 4-speed transmissions; oversize clutch; increased capacity battery; auxiliary springs; oil filter; increased cooling; pick-up, panel or stake bodies.

Regular Cab: Standard equipment: ash tray; right-side door lock; floor mat; fixed left-side rear-view mirror; safety-glass windows and windshield; full-width spring-type seat and back cushion; left-side sun visor; dual-type right and left side vacuum windshield wipers; and ventilating wings. Optional equipment; green-tinted safety glass;left-side arm rest; dome light; fresh air or recirculating type heater and defroster; optional rear-view mirror; right-side sun visor; dual electric windshield wipers.

Finish: Frame and wheels black. Grille, hood, cab and fenders, a variety of attractive optional colors.