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The International Harvester "Comfo-Vision" Cab Features

(Source: International Light Duty Trucks, International Harvester Co., Publication CR-485-C)

Comfo-Vision Cab




Glass for Your Comfo-Vision Cab

With the exception of the windshield, the glass for your cab is flat and can be replaced at any reputable glass company. The windshield, on the other hand, is a different story. We've been able to scrounge up the part number for the windshield that should allow you to get quotes on replacement. The part number is "DW-142", which fits L, R, and S-series (NOT the '78 and newer S-series) from 1950 (late 1949 production) through the end of the production run of the Comfo-Vision cab.  DW-142 does NOT fit the narrowed steel-hauler cab, but it fits virtually every other L, R, and S series thru 1957, as well as the R and V-series trucks through about 1970. You should be able to contact larger glass companies with this number and get quotes for replacement glass.