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IHC Trucks

Truck Facts

The International Harvester R-Series Transmissions

(Source: International Light Duty Trucks, International Harvester Co., Publication CR-485-C)

A choice of 4 transmissions to match truck to job

No matter what your light-duty truck operation may be, there's an International transmission geared to meet your requirements. This means: --

  1. Fuel Savings. The transmission that's geared right for your job provides proper gear ratios to satisfy operating needs. These ratios permit the engine to operate within its most economical range.
  2. Longer transmission life. The transmission that's geared right for your job has sufficient stamina, ruggedness, torque capacity to give maximum service with a minimum of maintenance.
  3. Better all- 'round truck performance. The transmission that's geared right for your job works efficiently with the engine and axle toward the common goal of doing a better job at lower cost.

To step up the efficiency of your particular hauling operation, choose the transmission that best meets all your requirements.

3 Speed Transmission

3 Speed Heavy Duty Transmission

4 Speed Transmission


The T-98 4-Speed Transmission

T-98 Transmission

1. Main drive gear bearing retainer. 29. Clutch hub, 1st and 2nd speed.
2. Snap ring. 30. Mainshaft rear bearing retainer.
3. Main drive gear bearing. 31. Mainshaft rear bearing.
4. Snap ring. 32. Rear bearing retainer seal.
5. Main drive gear. 33. Mainshaft flange nut.
6. Synchronizer blocking ring. 34. Mainshaft.
7. Shifting plate. 35. Speedometer drive gear.
8. Expansion plug. 36. Snap ring.
9. Sleeve (3rd and direct). 37. Countershaft roller bearing.
10. Shift rail. 38. Countershaft thrust washer, rear.
11. Transmission cover. 39. Countershaft.
12. Shift fork, (3rd and direct). 40. Lock plate.
13. Control lever. 41. Lock plate capscrew.
14. Control housing cap. 42. Reverse idler shaft.
15. Fulcrum ball. 43. Reverse idler gear.
16. Control lever spring. 44. Transmission case.
17. Control lever ball. 45. Drain plug.
18. Mainshaft 3rd speed gear. 46. Countershaft bearing spacer.
19. Interlock plunger. 47. P.T.O. opening.
20. Poppet spring. 48. Countershaft gear cluster.
21. Poppet ball. 49. 2nd speed gear bearing spacer.
22. Mainshaft 2nd speed gear. 50. 2nd speed gear roller bearing.
23. Synchronizer blocking ring. 51. Countershaft thrust washer, front.
24. Mainshaft 1st and 2nd speed gear. 52. Countershaft roller bearing.
25. Shift fork, 1st and 2nd speed. 53. 2nd speed gear thrust washer.
26. Poppet ball. 54. Snap ring.
27. Expansion plug. 55. Clutch hub, 3rd and direct.
28. Poppet spring. 56. Mainshaft pilot bearing.